The Catawba Indians

The Catawba Indians, contiguous to our southern borders, and once so numerous and powerful, have dwindled down to a diminutive remnant--mostly half breeds. They inhabited in their palmiest days much of the territory south of the Tuscarora, and adjoining the Cherokees. For their general adherence to the patriots in the revolution they have always received the fostering care of the state. They own a tract of land ten miles square in the south-east corner of York County, South Carolina. They speak a different language from the Cherokees, but possessing a similarity of musical sounds. They gave origin to the name of the noble river along whose banks, in its southern meanderings and its larger tributaries their lingering signs of former habitation are frequently visible, informing us here they once flourished in their simple avocations and enjoyments of the forest, and now excite our commiseration in their gradual decay and probable future extinction.


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